Responding from three fire stations, our department provides fire suppression and rescue services, advanced life support emergency medical services, a hazardous materials response team and technical rescue response team. The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts fire inspections to assure the safety of the community. The agency employs a career type staff of 57 people. Of this workforce, 54 deploy full-time as sworn firefighting and EMS response personnel on a 24/48 duty shift, 3 serve as staff officers and support personnel assigned to a 40-hour work week.

The BPFD mission statement conveys a clear and succinct expression of what purpose the Bedford Park Fire Department serves and why it endures; its fundamental reason to exist. The mission identifies those functions which all organizational actions ultimately serve.


It shall be our mission to provide professional services with integrity through preparedness, to preserve life, protect property, and ensure the safety of the public

I hope you find our website helpful and informative. If you need to contact myself or other members of the department, please use our directory.

Have a Fire Safe Day!
Daniel Johnson
Fire Chief