Fire Marshal
708-563-4510 x 106
708-563-4510 x 250
DC/FM Mark Murray
BC Jeff Culbreth
LT Mike O’Lear
LT Bob Gasparas
Engineer Joe Hall
Engineer Chris Wozniak
FF/PM Jacob Litkenhus

Firefighter Billy Stripeik

The Bedford Park Fire Prevention Bureau was established in 1979 with its main purpose focusing on protecting property from fire or explosion. The current code used is the International Fire Prevention Code 2023 21st edition. We use The ASME A17.1 / CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. We also reference all current N.F.P.A. Standards. The Fire Prevention Bureau along with the Building Inspector reviews all new construction, remodeling and sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Meetings take place every Thursday morning for reviews. Reviews are on a first come first serve basis and usually turn around in 3-4 weeks. The bureau is responsible for inspections and complete enforcement of the Fire Prevention Code, Village Ordinances, maintenance of records and investigation of cause and origins of fire within the village.

Buildings located within the village boundaries are routinely inspected. If violations are found, the company is given 30 days to correct such violations. After 30 days, a re-inspection occurs.  If the violation still is not corrected, an additional 15 days will be given. After the 15 day period if the violation is still not corrected or an extension of time requested, a citation will be issued.