In 1906, the Corn Products Refining Company broke ground for a wet milling plant built on the
prairie. By 1908, buildings were taking shape at Corn Products and the company became concerned about housing for their foremen. By 1919, houses began springing up and foremen were able to purchase these homes from Corn Products Refining Company. The community was growing fast and in need of a name. Mr. Edward Thomas Bedford was the president of Corn Products at the time, and the community was given his name, which it still bears today.

As the community grew, it was obvious some form of government was needed, so in 1924, the
Bedford Park Improvement Club was formed. Under this group guidance, the community grew
and prospered. Even though the community had many plusses, thoughts of incorporation were
in the minds of some of its leaders. The community’s water came from the deep wells in Corn Products, and word had it that there was danger of the wells running dry. Because of this, Bedford Park became an incorporated village in 1940.

Incorporation enabled the Village to better prepare and plan for growth and manage the nature of development. Early Village leaders demonstrated the foresight and prudence that facilitated
future economic progress. The Village dedicated tracts of land for industrial, commercial, and retail development. Later development of these zones enabled the Village to evolve into a major regional employer and a substantial region of economic activity.

The Bedford Park Fire Department was founded on October 25, 1940. The men of the community rendered an all-volunteer service. The department’s equipment at that time was a two-wheeled hose cart, and in 1951 an emergency truck was purchased and a new fire station was built. In 1955, an ambulance was purchased, and a new fire engine was purchased in 1960. Also in 1960, the Bedford Park Fire Department purchased and accepted the delivery of the first Snorkel brand truck built for the fire service. It was a 65-foot aerial basket that was built on a GMC chassis. The truck was originally destined for the city of Chicago, but the Snorkel truck’s tandem axle was too big for the Chicago side streets. Chief Quinn of Chicago got together with Chief Husch of Bedford Park, and the Village of Bedford Park purchased the truck. The rest is history.

Bedford Park is located just southwest of the City of Chicago bordering Midway Airport. Surrounding communities that border Bedford Park include, Bridgeview, Burbank, Summit and Justice.

The Bedford Park Fire Department is proud of its tradition and progress. We constantly strive to provide “Service Above Self” to our community.